lifelong artist & licensed educator
I am Tracee Ellis

As the founder of Fortitude Studios, I am committed to
transparency and integrity in the cosmetic tattoo
industry. Call me a seeker of creative freedom – being
an artist, I combine my love for makeup and passion for
fine art into beauty that lasts.

Driven by growth & excellence, I revel in the opportunity
to transform the way a woman feels about her
appearance, exuding confidence internally and

When you look good, you feel good. I aim to provide
that confidence and foster that empowerment for
everyone who walks through my door.

Creative freedom birthed a birthed a deep-rooted enthusiasm forcontinued education. As an artist and trainer, I aim to
teach every cosmetic tattoo artist how tocraft a look
that lasts and complements natural
beauty with care and a unique approach.

I stand firm in my belief that beauty is art and I am
dedicated to lifelong learning and teaching

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Commitment to confidence…excellence in artistry. As you
enter the studio, you can relax knowing Tracee will create
a customized cosmetic tattoo that fits your specific needs.

Tracee is dedicated to bringing out your best attributes. A cosmetic
tattoo completely revitalizes your overall appearance and is
often accompanied by the benefit of an age-rewind. Using high-quality,
industry-leading products and techniques, rest assured that you will
leave feeling empowered and confident with your newly enhanced,
effortless beauty. Cosmetic tattooing has positively impacted Tracee’s
life (and beauty routine)… and she’s ready to help you ignite the same
confidence in your bare skin.



Always fascinated by the beauty industry
and the evolution of makeup over time,
Tracee enjoys putting on full-glam
makeup and staying up-to-date with
new products and trends.


Tracee has an extensive background in
visual arts and was an art educator for
years. She specializes in wheel-thrown
and handbuilt ceramics, but also loves
creating paintings with delicate


Tracee’s trained eye helps her to create
a perfectly natural, balanced look through
cosmetic tattooing. Whether you’re
looking to get new brows or lips…she’s got
you covered.



Setting Fortitude Studios apart from the rest is the paradigm of collaborating
and communicating with like-minded individuals who are genuine
cheerleaders, advocates for authenticity, and accountability seekers who aren’t
afraid of self-reflection

We lift as we climb and we are only as strong as those with whom we choose to surround ourselves. There is
room for all of us at the table. We all have an opportunity to succeed, though we recognize that we each
have unique strengths that differentiate us.

A commitment to lifelong learning is crucial, especially in an industry where things are ever-evolving.

You’re a woman on the go. Your to-do list is endless. Nobody can do it quite like you…which is why you need
to get serious about investing in yourself. Your time is precious. Let me help you reclaim your morning
routine with a done-for-you daily look so you can focus on the things that bring you joy and purpose, unlike
your pesky brow pencil and lipstick.



From machine work to brow
lamination, a variety of looks can
be created to enhance and
compliment your natural beauty.
Brows are not a one-size-fits-all.
Shaping is done in a way that
flatters your features and fits your
facial structure for the most
realistic results



Enhance your natural lip shape,
create a fuller-without-filler look,
define your borders, and bring life
back to your pout with lip
blushing. This service is a great
way to turn back time for a
refreshed, youthful, and healthy
appearance. With a soft and
delicate healed finish, lip blushing
is sure to make you glow from


Fine Line Tattoos

Forever capture that handwritten
note from a loved one, or a
delicate figure, date, or motif to
symbolize life’s special moments
with a fine line, small-scale tattoo.


Are you ready for your transformation, or will you continue to
wonder what an effortless “getting ready” routine looks like?

Tracee gave me the most beautiful brows. She took her time listening to
me, giving me her professional opinion and explained everything step by
step. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process.
Her talents as an artist really shine through in her
work and her personality makes the experience even more enjoyable. I would highly
recommend her and this shop to anyone interested in microblading.



For the woman looking to transform her life by
 pivoting her career and stepping into a life of
freedom and choices


For the artist who prioritizes growth,
education, and leveling-up in her skill set


Brow Lamination

If you are looking to make a
change in your career or level-up
based on your current positioning
in the industry, entrust Tracee by
making an investment in yourself
and your education. By enrolling
in Fortitude Studios’
comprehensive training course,
you are on your way to becoming
certified in the powder brow
technique of cosmetic tattooing.

I’m ready to level-up